NSB and the environment

NSB Group's main environmental contribution is to increase the number of passengers on trains and buses and transport more freight by rail.

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Principles for NSB Group:

  • Environmental protection is integrated into the business and should support the NSB Group's main objectives and contribute to customer satisfaction, profitability and dedicated employees.
  • Environmental considerations are to be taken into account in decisions at all levels of the organization
  • Environmental work is to be based on continuous improvement and builds on the broad involvement.
  • Environmental communication is characterized by openness and honesty and based on facts
  • NSB Group will place demands based on recognized environmental standards to our contractors

NSB Group will offer attractive transportation with minimal environmental impact, thereby reducing the transport sector's total pollution.

All the Group's activities will be planned and carried out with as little negative impact as possible to people and the environment.

Group management determines the Group's strategic environmental plan.

Company managers are responsible for environmental activities at each business unit and will ensure that the Group's environmental policy is complied with, through control systems, education and courses and continual improvements.


Because of our size, area of business and ownership, NSB Group plays an important role in society.