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The passenger train and bus operations in the NSB Group show good operations and deliver good financial results. The situation is still very demanding for freight transport by train.

2017: Traffic growth and a good financial result

More and more Norwegians choose to travel environmentally friendly by train and bus. The NSB Group is experiencing passenger growth, increased revenues and a good operating profit in 2017. The NSB group continues to prepare for competition on the railways as well as on future demands for seamless door-to-door travel.

NSB 2nd interim period 2017:

Good financial results, but train passengers are suffering under bad punctuality The NSB Group had a turnover of NOK 9 841 million in the first 8 months of 2017, delivering an operating profit of NOK 639 million.

Improved performance but reduced profit

The growth in number of train passengers continues, and there was 2.4 per cent more train journeys in the first interim period compared to the same period the year before.

Strong performance from a changing NSB Group

In 2016, the NSB Group delivers one of its best results ever.