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More people are travelling by train and by bus, and the NSB Group delivered another solid financial result.

Bus and train set new records

An increasing number travel by the NSB Group’s busses and trains. – Increased passenger revenues and good results from all businesses have contributed to another strong interim result, says the CEO for NSB, Geir Isaksen.

Operations and employees transferred to Entur AS and Materiellselskapet AS

Rolling stock was transferred from NSB AS to Materiellselskapet AS on October 15. Sales and ticketing solutions were transferred from NSB AS to Entur AS on the same date.

Preparing the transfer of companies from the NSB Group

The Ministry of Transport and Communications have established the companies that will receive the businesses which are being taken out of the NSB Group as a result of the railway reform.

Rolling stock and sales and ticketing companies are established

NSB has established separate companies for ownership of rolling stock and for the sales and ticketing solutions. During 2017 the companies will be acquired by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.