About NSB Group

NSB Group is a Nordic transportation group. Passenger transport by bus and rail and freight traffic by rail and tourism are the main activities.


The bus operations in NSB Group are performed by fully owned subsidiary Nettbuss.

Passenger train

Passenger operations in NSB Group consist of NSB AS, with subsidiaries NSB Gjøvikbanen AS and Tågkompaniet AB.


Freight operations in NSB are performed by CargoNet.


The NSB Group is establishing a new business area: Tourism. The business will be based on the current tourism products Bergen Railway and Flåm Railway. NSB has an ambition to take a leading position in the tourism market in the fjord segment in Norway.


Board and management

The organization of the NSB Group with core businesses, subsidiaries and support.

Contact us

Address and telephone number of the NSB Group.

NSB Group


NSB Group is a Nordic transport group with five main areas of operation: