The NSB Group is establishing a new business area: Tourism. The business will be based on the current tourism products Bergen Railway and Flåm Railway. NSB has an ambition to take a leading position in the tourism market in the fjord segment in Norway.



Tourism is a new business area for the NSB Group and is currently being developed. 

Focus for the initiative will be developing the Bergen and Flåm Railway to be the world's most beautiful travel experiences. NSB is currently part owner of Flåm Utvikling AS and Fjord Tours AS and will develop tourism initiatives through such partnerships and digital development.

Photo: Flåm Utvikling

The business area tourism will build its operations around the Bergen Railway and the Flåm Railway. The tourism operations will be established through partnerships with other operators.

Tourism will help more people discover Norway - and particularly the fjords - as the attractive travel destination they are.

New digital solutions will make it easy for both individuals and groups to plan a complete trip to Norway, either by booking the journey themselves or buying a custom-made travel package.