Freight train

CargoNet AS is Norway's largest freight carrier by rail and is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSB.

Godstog. Foto: Knut Bry

Cargonet AS

CargoNet offers businesses a network of scheduled shuttle trains in Norway and, with partners, transports to and from European terminals.

11 Norwegian cities are linked in a network of scheduled shuttle trains, carrying containers, swap bodies and trailers. Distribution by lorries is offered to and from the terminal.

CargoNet also operates system trains across the rail network, including lateral and industrial tracks, nationally and internationally. The offer is designed for customers who want dedicated trains for transporting large volumes.

CargoNet is building online services around its freight operations that make it easy to be a customer.

The customer portal provides a quick overview of transport, real-time information, such as deviations from train schedule, and reduces customers' transaction costs in an efficient manner.

Transport accounts for over a third of all greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses see their corporate credibility and professionalism enhanced by choosing an environmentally friendly mode of transport.

CargoNet´s scheduled shuttle trains spared Norwegian roads for over 590 trucks every day last year.

Compared with road transport energy consumption of CargoNet´s trains was 82 per cent lower. CO2 emissions were 94 per cent lower, and NOx emissions were 86 per cent lower. (Calculations with Ecotransit environmental calculator )

The infrastructure on the railway is a challenge for freight operators. CargoNet is in close dialogue with Jernbaneverket, Norwegian government’s agency for railway services, to better punctuality, increase capacity of freight terminals and secure more places along the track that train can pass each other.

A new report from NHO Logistics and Transport points out the following as immediate measures to improve freight train's competitiveness:

  • Increased funding for the operation and maintenance of the railway.
  • Fast construction of passing loops and other measures on the line.
  • Better prioritization of freight trains in Norway which helps increase speed.
  • Development of Alnabru terminal based on a realistic growth forecast and a project organization and financing that increases the pace of planning and development.




CargoNets shuttle trains saves Norwegian roads from 500 trucks every day. It provides better traction on the road.

Turnover:980 million NOK
Operating income:-2 million NOK
Container units:368,000